DESW Allotment of Class V ‘B’ Army Surplus Vehicles to ESM/Widows

DESW Allotment of Class V ‘B’ Army Surplus Vehicles to ESM/Widows: This scheme is brought by the Ministry of Defense and Government of India is providing Help for the Ex-Servicemen and Widows of Defense Personnel who died while in service and for the Ex-Servicemen  Co-operative Societies.The main aim of this Scheme is to provide Vehicles at low cost for the respective families. 42 Types of vehicles from 12 CODs/CVDs can be opted for on payment of minimal amount time to time as ordered by the Government.

Eligibility details

  1. Ex-servicemen / their widows who are not employed or settled are eligible.
  2. Personnel who is going to retire within the next six months are eligible.
  3. Ex-servicemen in the co-operative societies must not be less than twenty present in them.
  4. Personnel who have served less than 5 years are also not eligible.

Procedure to apply for DESW Allotment

  1. Ex-servicemen / their widows / their co-operative societies should apply through their Zila Sainik Welfare Office (ZSWO) / Dte of Sainik Welfare (State).
  2. Serving faculty due to resign inside next a half year with annuity ought to apply for a DESW Allotment through their OC Unit/Service HQs. .
  3. Officials of the position of Colonel or more or their proportionate may apply legitimately through the ZSWO / Date of Sainik Welfare (State).

Reports required for the application of DESW Allotment

  1. Application structure after complete recording of required subtleties referenced alongside international ID size photos stuck on both the duplicates on the top and it must be properly verified by the ZSWO/Date of Sainik Welfare (State) /OC Unit.
  2. Affidavit form after attestation by Oath Commissioner / Class I Magistrate / Notary Public on Rs 10/- non-judicial Stamp Paper in the prescribed text.
  3. Affirmed genuine duplicate/photocopy in triplicate of Discharge Certificate/Retirement Order properly authenticated by the ZSWO/Date of Sainik Welfare (State) /OC Unit.
  4. Officials are required to submit two CTC of retirement request issued by MS Branch, Army HQs/Air HQs or two CTCs of CDA (P) Pension Certificate letter/Order.
  5. Securely store as a draft for “DGR Security Deposit Fund”, payable at New Delhi to be saved with DGR alongside the filled application structure.

Security Deposit

During the submission of the application for the e applicant must deposit some amount as a security Deposit to the Government in the form of a Bank Draft to “DGR Security Deposit Fund” at New Delhi.

The amount to be paid for various categories of vehicles is,

  1. Rs.1000/- for Motor Cycle
  2. Rs.3000/- for Light Four-Wheel Vehicle
  3. Rs.8000/- for Heavy Four-Wheel Vehicle

Return of Security Deposit

The amount deposited with the Government would be returned after the vehicle is registered under Regional Transport Authority (RTO).this should be done within the First 6 months of the vehicle purchase, If failed the amount deposited would be used by the Government.

Change/Replacement of Vehicle:

After the registration or purchase of a vehicle under this scheme the change/replacement of a new one is not entertained by the Government. Any request for change/replacement would result in cancellation of the application and the applicant has to submit a fresh one for the purchase of surplus vehicles. And the application format can be downloaded from ‘DGR’ form download window of the DGR website i.e.

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