www.dgrindia.com Ex-Servicemen (ESM) Coal Loading& Transportation Scheme, CNG station by ESM

www.dgrindia.com: This Scheme was signed In April 1999 on mutual understanding between DGR (Director General Resettlement) and CIL (Coal India Ltd).

In this Scheme, the Director-General Resettlement board formed from the selected Ex-Servicemen lays some terms and conditions for the starting up of Coal loading/unloading and transportation companies.

www.dgrindia.com Ex-Servicemen (ESM) Coal Loading& Transportation Scheme, CNG station by ESM

On receipt of requisition from the Coal Subsidiary, the scheme benefits would be given to the most eligible selected Ex-Servicemen who is willing to start the company.

This selected Ex-serviceman has the power to choose two other Ex-Servicemen for the formation of a board of directors of the company. The initial investment of the company must be approximately equal to rupees thirty-five lakes and should be shared equally among the board members or Ex-Servicemen. The company would be formed under the company Act of 1956.

The major portion (75%) of employees is selected from the Ex-Servicemen as per the rule made during the formation of the Scheme by the DGR. These Ex-Servicemen are selected by the 3 board members only under some stipulated Category.

Sponsorship is also available for setting up the company. The five years of Sponsorship are given during the stat which could be even extendable after the performance of the company seems to be promising only.

Eligibility at www.dgrindia.com

The company/Private firms sponsor the Ex-servicemen based upon the following criteria for transportation, loading/unloading of coal.

Below are some of the required criteria for the Ex-Servicemen

  1. The officer must be unemployed or retired and must be under 60 years (Brig & below or equivalent) and 62 years of age for general officers or equivalent.
  2. The officer must have served at least 14 years.
  3. If the officer has retired/released from his post he must register for this scheme within five years.
  4. The officer should not have any other beneficiaries through other schemes under DGR.
  5. The officer at the time of sponsorship must not be employed in any other public/private firms. If the officer is in any posting/job he must submit his resignation from the post to have the sponsorship of the Scheme.

Procedure for Applying: 

The Ex-Servicemen who are eligible and wish to apply for this Scheme can register by filling a registration form in DGR.

The application form can be downloaded from “DGR structures downloads window of the DGR website www.dgrindia.com.

The registration is done by submitting a copy of the form along with the duplicate of required documents mentioned below,

  • PPO / Gratuity Order.
  • CV & a soft copy on the CD containing CV (only for Gen Employment)
  • ESM Identity Card (issued by Record office / RSB/ZSB).
  • Retirement/Release order
  • PAN Card.
  • Proof of address.

The Ex-Servicemen who are selected by the sponsors is appointed as the director of the company after the following documents are being submitted by him to the DGR as a proof of his company being sponsored for a Coal Subsidiary.

  1. Affidavit on Rs. 100 Non-Judicial Stamp Paper with respect to employment duly attested by a first-class Government Magistrate.
  2. Income tax return and AS – 26 Form.
  3. Financial status (Bank statement/details of the FD).

Along with the above documents, the Ex-Servicemen who are the main Director of the company must have to submit an Income tax return and AS-26 form yearly until the company operates.

This submission is also mandatory for the other partners/directors of the ESM company.

Coal Subsidiaries:

After the start of the company, the coal from the below-given fields would be transported by the ESM company.

  1. Orissa: Mahanadi Coal Fields Limited
  2. Jharkhand: Bharat Coking Coal Limited, Dhanbad, Central Coal Fields Limited, Ranchi.
  3. Chhatisgarh: South Eastern Coal Fields Limited, Bilaspur.
  4. Maharashtra: Western Coal Fields Limited, Nagpur
  5. West Bengal: Damodar Valley Corporation, Bokaro

The executives of CNG station by ESM (Officers) in NCR  


The Management of CNG station by ESM (Officers) in NCR scheme is brought up by both the ministry of Defense and Government of India Collaborately in order to provide employment and financial support to the Ex-Servicemen.

According to this Scheme, the Ex-Servicemen would be hired on the contract of Managing company owned company operated (COCO) CNG gas Stations of Indraprastha Gas Limited in NCR Area to include Delhi and NOIDA. The Ex-Servicemen whoever applies for this scheme are sponsored by DGR and these members are selected by a panel of Ex-Servicemen provided by DGR.


  • Any officer (Army, Navy, Airforce) who are of class 1 commission are eligible
  • The officer must be a Resident of NCR
  • The applicant must be able to provide a bank Guarantee to the panel for 3 to 5 less.
  • The applicant must not have been benefitted before by the DGR in any other schemes
  • The Ex-Servicemen should not be employed in any other government/Private Firm during the sponsorship. If he is employed during the sponsorship, he must Resign to the job to avail of the benefits of the Scheme.


The Ex-Servicemen who are selected by the Panel would give Rs.45, 000/- per month for a duration of five long years. There would be also an annual increase of wage by Rs.2, 000/- per annum.

Procedure for applying @www.dgrindia.com

The official website for the application of Management of CNG station by ESM (Officers) in NCR is https://www.dgrindia.com/

  1. The first step is to register on the website with your personal mail I’d and contact number.
  2. After the verification of I’d open the application for registration on the website.
  3. Fill all the required credentials in the application form after reading all the instructions given on the website.
  4. After filling all the required information, press the submit button, and pay the required amount through any online mode if asked.

Documents Required: 

  1. Scanned Copy/ Hard Copy of PPO.
  2. Hard Copy of ESM Identity Card.
  3. Scanned Copy of PAN Card.
  4. Hard Copy of Retirement/Release order
  5. Scanned Copy/ Hard Copy of proof of residence


Ex-servicemen (ESM) Coal Loading

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