TCS ION Digital Zone Exam Centers Address ( About TCS ION

TCS ION Digital Zone Exam Centers: With the Innovation, there comes the new power added to the country. TATA mastering all the platforms now has stepped into the Technology oriented IT-as-a-service module. In order to provide a solution to the modern Online examination system, it has automated a definite and well praised mechanism for carrying out the exams without any mere interruption. Everyone soon after opening their Hall tickets nowadays could only see the exam center as “TCS ION Digital Zone” and this is because of its well practiced model. Here are the important things and stuff regarding the TCS ION Digital login Zone exam centers.

TCS ION Digital Zone Exam Centers Address ( About TCS ION

What is TCS ION Digital?

The IT wing of TATA Enterprises i.e Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has launched TCS iON to focus on Manufacturing Industries, Exmaination Boards, Educational Institutions in India. Finding the best practices, automating them and providing a solution to the repetitive works is the main ambition of this program. So the agenda is IT-as-a-Service and end to end business solutions are to be provided to the clients.

There are 251 centers with 1,42,137 capacity all over India and it is increasing. Including itself with various platforms and segments of business, TCS ION Digital zones are now spreading their wings so fast and has been attracting more clients with its success ratio. Global experience, Domestic market reach, Marketing capability and delivering capacity has made these success prints.

Technology of TCS ION Digital Zones

The most important among all the branches of the TCS ION Digital initiative is providing the reliable solution to the Examiantion Boards. The population of India is increasing day by day and the employment opportunities rise proportionally. All the educational and employment institutions can only access the aspirants using the examination procedure. So the infrastructure developed by TCS ION Digital so portable that the very important examination authorities in India like SSC, IBPS, the RRB is using these platforms.

TCS iON’s Cloud Based Solution is easily configurable and deliverable to the examination Boards and teaching institutions. The advantages of technology can only be experienced once the full fledged usable environment is provided to the responsible institutes.

Digital Zone Exam Centers

Exam boards include the major school, college Boards like CBSE, ICSE and Employment, Recruitment Boards like RRB, SSC, IBPS that conduct large scale and high stakes assessments. Many common challenges faced by examination boards  are like Arrangements, Genuineness check of the candidate, evaluation process, Question Paper leakage, paperwork and time consuming.

  • The advantages of adopting the TCS ION Digital for the examination process:
  • Now the world has turned the “ONLINE” mode on, so one should change the way of life and same regarding the examination practice
  • Candidate verification is fool proof
  • Exam center assignment
  • Hall ticket provision
  • Student and admin interface facility
  • Facility to access the various real time reports
  • Data can be easily provided to various RTI Queries
  • The result can be provided within minutes if required.

Exam centers near me:

If you are wondering where is the address provided by the examining authority on Hall ticket as “TCS ION Digital Zone“, then don’t worry as you can write your exam tension free. Find the TCS ION Digital exam center using GPS and every center is mapped perfectly.

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