Mineral Water Plant Business Plan 2020 (Complete Process)

Mineral Water Plant Business Plan 2020: In this article, I am sharing my personal experience of starting “RO Mineral Water Plant Business“.

From the beginning to the end I have explored all the steps in detail.

Go through the page thoroughly and get a conclusion.

There are a few steps involved to make the Water Plant Business profitable.

  • Location Selection
  • Analyzing Population & Competitors
  • Take Price Quote
  • Installation of the Plant
  • Distribution
  • Maintenance
  • Profits

Location Selection:

The selection of the location plays a major role in the Water Plant Business.

Search for the location where it has enough water facility and near to the main road. Own place will be an advantage.

Choose the location where there are a high population and fewer competitors.

Analyzing Population & Competitors:

List out the areas that you can cover and analyze the population. It will be good if you can serve at least 250 houses per day.

1 Can per House: 250×10=2500/day

You must also find the competitors in your area and their target locations.

Take Price Quote:

Visit at least 5 to 6 RO Plant Suppliers and get the quotes.

Tip: Ask them to send the quote with individual item prices.

Compare the prices with the competitors and choose the best one. Make sure that the quote includes all the charges including Installation and 1-year free service.

Read the google reviews of the supplier and choose the one who provides the best after-sales.

Installation of the Plant

Plant Installation: If everything is ready, the technician usually takes 1 full day to install the plant.

You need to provide the power supply and water to the plant location.


Distribution plays a major role in this business. You need to have a good driver and an auto.

Usually, you can distribute 150 to 180 bottles a day with a single auto & driver. If you have more scope, you can go for the second vehicle.


Proper maintenance will always increase the lifetime of the machinery.

Water Treatment Plants actually need less maintenance. Changing the Cartridge Filter (Monthly) and Checking the Antiscalant every 15 days is what it’s needed.

Membrane Cleaning:

Membranes are the costliest part of the whole setup. So, you need to take care of those with proper cleaning every 6 months.

Tank Cleaning:

Clean the water tanks every week for good results.

It is always preferred to use Stainless Steel Tanks for the plants. Unlike plastic tanks, SS Tanks are very hygienic and easy to clean.

Power Bill:

Most of the people think that the power bill for running water plants is very high. But this is a big myth.

I am using a 1000 LPH water plant with a distribution capacity of 100 bottles a day. Which means 3000 bottles per month

I am getting an average current bill of Rs. 3000 to 3500

So, it is around 1 Rupee per bottle.

If you depend totally on selling at the plant and don’t use any vehicles for distribution then the total maintenance will be less than Rs. 2 per bottle.


Profits purely depend on your marketing & distribution strategies.

On average, most of the plants can easily sell 150 to 200 bottles per day.

200 bottles x 10 Rs. (minimum) = 2000/day

If you have potential to distribute more in your surrounding areas, you can easily sell 300 to 400 bottles a day.

400 bottles x 10 Rs. (minimum) = 4000/day

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