Tipper Attachment Scheme for Widows and Disabled ESM Tipper Attachment Scheme for Widows and Disabled ESM: This Scheme is related to the company proposed by the Ex-Servicemen on the coal transportation Scheme. The main aim of this Scheme is to provide support to the widowed and disabled soldiers/officers. Their work would be affiliated to the coal loading/unloading and transportation company of Ex-Servicemen.

At the initial, the eligible person has to pay a principal amount of Rs 85,000/- to the company. The transportation company would in return pay the person a monthly wage of Rs 3,000/- which is annually equal to approximately 42% of the principal amount.

This Scheme duration is of 5 years. After completion of five years, the principal amount would be refunded to the widow/disabled Ex-Servicemen/Dependent.

The Refund would be provided by the coal transportation company itself. A legal agreement is signed between the Ex-Servicemen’s Coal Loading/unloading and Transportation Company and the widow/disabled Ex-Servicemen/Dependent.

Eligibility Criteria:

For the widows/Ex-Servicemen /dependents to be eligible for this scheme, there are some criteria set by the Ministry of Defense such as,

  1. The widow should be below 65 years of age and must be an attributable to military service.
  2. The Disabled / Mentally out of service persons having more than 50% deficiency should also be attributable to Military services.
  3. In case of an orphan child, he/ she must be represented by the legal guardian
  4. The orphan children must also be under 25 years of age.
  5. The boy or girl (orphan child) must be unemployed.
  6. The girl must be surely unmarried
  7. In the case of widows, the re-marriage would not be eligible for this Scheme
  8. He/she must not have been availed to any other Directorate General Resettlement Schemes.
  9. The scheme benefit would only be given to one member of the family and the duration could even be extended for a period of 5 years only to that one person.
  10. No other family member should apply or avail this scheme if the one person in their family is enjoying the benefits of the scheme.

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Name of the Post: Tipper Attachment Scheme Motto of this scheme is to help the Widows and Disabled people in India

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Name of the Board: The Indian Govt. of defense

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Procedure to apply for Widows and Disabled ESM Scheme 2020

The application starts by filling the required Forms and submitting some of the important documents. This procedure is the same for widows of defense service personnel, dependents of deceased serving personnel, and disabled Ex-servicemen. Below given are some of the important documents that are needed to be submitted,

  1. Copy of death certificate for the widow applicant
  2. Copy of disability certificate for disabled persons
  3. Copy of Identity card of ESM / Widow/Dependent applicant.
  4. Original Copy and duplicate copy of the Pension Payment Order.
  5. Proof of, attributable to military service by the widows/Ex-Servicemen and Dependents.
  6. Proof of dependency in the case of dependents.

The application format additional details regarding this scheme can be downloaded from the official website of Director General Resettlement

Note: the website is the private web portal which provides you the latest information regarding the Ex-servicemen Scholarships, Schemes, DESW recruitments alerts, ex-servicemen welfare, citizen Charter& budget.

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