COCO Operatorship & Gopal Jee Dairy Milk Booths/milk shops/retail outlets Scheme

The COCO Operatorship scheme is also called Sponsorship of Ex-Servicemen(O) for the COCO operatorship Scheme. This Scheme is mainly sponsored for providing service of operating retail outlets for IOCL and BPCL under another scheme called the company owned company operated scheme. The names of the eligible Ex-Servicemen are sponsored by the oil companies by seeing the receipt of the requisition.

There would be some selection process, including shortlisting, observing, and interview performed by the company. The range or duration of the contract would be between one to three years. A fixed wage ranging from Rs. 23,000/- to Rs.25,000 would be paid to the selected personnel per month. There would be also an added incentive which is kept if the personnel manage to sell more than 250 Kilos of oil products.

COCO Operatorship & Gopal Jee Dairy Milk Booths

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. If the Ex-servicemen are able to satisfy the below criteria, then the company would call him for the further selection process,
  2. The applied person must be a Commissioned officer (Army, Navy, Air Force).
  3. The person must have registered within 5 Years of release/retirement from service with the Employment Directorate.
  4. He Should be a resident of the particular State in which the COCO facility is to be operated.
  5. The person must be able to provide a bank guarantee as per the OPA requirement.
  6. They Should not have availed any other benefit scheme from the Director-General of Resettlement earlier.
  7. Their age must be less than 65 years at the time of consideration for sponsorship.

Procedure for Applying:

Once a notification from the oil company is given and a locality is proposed by them, then the Ex-servicemen should consult the Director-General of Resettlement for the application process.

The person must fill all the required forms along with the documents to be attached should be submitted to the DGR. Photographs must also be submitted if required. One of the applied persons meet the eligibility criteria he would be recommended to the company by the DGR for the further selection process.

About Gopal Jee dairy milk booths/ Milk Shops/ Retail outlets

Scheme Features:

The main objective of this scheme is to provide fully equipped and readily built milk shops/booths/retail outlets to the Ex-Servicemen equivalent to JCO’s or OR’s in India starting from the location Delhi/NCR. This scheme was started by a mutual understanding between the Ministry of Defense and Gopaljee Dairy Foods Pvt Ltd (GDFPL) for the betterment of Ex-Servicemen.

At the initial, the person should make a security deposit to the company. Rs.1, 00,000/- is generally made as a security deposit to the Gopaljee Dairy Foods Pvt Ltd. This amount is also refunded after the termination or resignation of the ESM.

There is also a working capital of Rs.1,00,000/- deposited by the selected person for maintaining the inventory, stocks, etc. The selected persons from the ESM’s undergo a training process by Gopaljee Dairy. The company is providing a minimum wage of Rs.14,000/- to the selected trained personnel per month.

Eligibility Criteria: 

Below mentioned are some of the conditions that are to be met for being eligible for COCO Operatorship scheme,

  • The person must have a Rank of JCOs / ORs (Equivalent in Navy & IAF)
  • The Age of the person must be Below 50 years
  • The person must have an Educational Qualification of Civ – 10th Pass, Def – Army Cert-I
  • He should be of these Medical Category AYE / BEE / CEE
  • He must have served more than 10 years, except Battle Causality
  • The person must have a pleasant Character Exemplary / Very Good
  • The person should not have the following habits like Smoking, Drinking, consumption of Tobacco, Gutka, etc.

Procedure for applying: 

The persons who are eligible for the mother Dairy milk booth scheme are also eligible for this scheme. If the person is availing benefits from the Mother Dairy Scheme, he has to resign for it to apply for this scheme.

The Ex-Servicemen are required to submit all the essential copies of proofs and documents that are mentioned. A copy of a photograph must be attached to the application form after it is being attested by the mentioned official. Some of the required documents are mentioned below,

  • Scanned copy of Photocopy of Discharge Book.
  • Photocopy of Pension Payment Order (PPO).
  • Scanned copy /Photocopy of ESM/Widow Identity Card.

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