Allotment of Oil Product Agencies under 8% defence quota- form pdf

Allotment of Oil Product Agencies under 8% defense quota- form pdf: This scheme is also known as an Eligibility Certificate for Allotment of Oil Product Agencies under 8% Defense Quota Scheme.

This scheme was brought up by the Ministry of Defense on the agreement of Oil companies. The distributorship of LPG, Petrol, Diesel is given to the eligible and reserved Ex-Servicemen/Widows/Dependents who are selected by the panel of Ex-Servicemen.

This Scheme also includes retail outlets for Kisan Seva Kendra (KSK) and SKO/LDO.

Criteria for Eligibility of Allotment of Oil Product

Below given are some of the conditions that are needed to be satisfied for having benefits of this scheme. They are,

  • The Dependents and widows must be gallantry award winners.
  • The widows and Dependents must be those who had faced death in war
  • The disabled person should have got the defect in war.
  • Widows/Dependents must be of those who were dying in harness due to attributable cause only.
  • Disabled Ex-Servicemen are also considered if involved in peace due to attributable causes.

Issue of certificate of Eligibility: 

When the oil companies post the notification or advertisement in the newspapers for the allocation of a particular locations, reserving for the Personnel of Defense sector the eligible personnel like Widows /Ex-Servicemen /Dependents will have to approach the Director-General of Resettlement to prove their eligibility. A set of official documents and copies of proofs is needed to be provided for the verification process.

The eligible person must apply for the oil company with the eligibility certificate, whichever he is concerned for. After that, the company shortlists the applicants, interviews them and a selection would be done among the applied members. The selected members would be given a Letter of Issue for a particular Dealership/distributorship of oil products.

If the applicant is worried about the selection process the person can visit the official website of the oil companies and can go through all the essentials mentioned on the website. Some of the official websites are, , or

Procedure to apply for Allotment of Oil Product

The eligible person must visit the Director-General of Resettlement office for applying for this scheme

After the allotting of eligibility certificate, the person must give the following documents after its attestation from the Zilla Sainik Board/Notary.

The required documents are:

  1. Death Certificate of deceased defense person issued by the Government Service Hospitals /Head office.
  2. Proof of death attributable to Military Service.
  3. Proof of Gallantry Award to the Widows/Dependents, if any.
  4. Proof of disability being attributable to the defendant by military service.
  5. Pension Order is given by the Ministry (CDA (P) letter).
  6. Discharge book/Retirement order allotted to the personnel.
  7. Matriculation Certificate of the applicant if applied for LPG only
  8. Copy of identity card given to Widows / ESM / Dependent.
  9. Affidavit form of undertaking by the applicant on Rs 10/- stamp paper appropriately notarized.
  10. Relinquishment Deed in case of dependent (NOK), from the widow and other dependents.
  11. Passport Size Photograph of the applicant, keep an extra set if any, required can be submitted.
  12. Authority letter in case the eligibility certificate is to be collected by the courier, which is properly signed by the applicant with a photograph of courier and countersigned or attested by Zila Sainik Board / Notary.

The application format along with the affidavit can be downloaded from the official website of DGR i.e.

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